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NOTE: A Form-fillable PDF should be downloaded to your computer before filling out to ensure data is saved to form before sending.


Radiation Therapy QA Manual


If previously credentialed for a Cooperative Group study using advanced image guidance and RT planning techniques, please submit a copy of the approval documentation along with the Facility Questionnaire below to for consideration of pre-approval.

Facility Questionnaire

Scans for Lung Credentialing Exercise

       4D CT


Digital RT Data Submission

Digital treatment plan, screenshots of other RT data and diagnostic imaging may be submitted via Secure FTP (SFTP). A notification email should be sent to with the registration number in the subject line to let us know data was submitted via SFTP.

SFTP Account Request Form

Uploading Digital Data to QARC via SFTP

Instructions for Configuring SFTP clients

          (WS FTP Pro and Linux SFTP)

Treatment Planning System Export Capability

Digital RT Data FAQs

Additional data not sent via SFTP may be sent via email to with the registration number in the subject line.

RT Forms

M14360 Patient Data Checklist

RT-1 Form

Motion Management Form

RT-2 Form

 QARC Contact Information
Matt Iandoli, MS

Phone: (401) 753-7600